Simplicity 540 Dc skimmer

So i have a heavy bioload in my 180. I have a fuge full of caulerpa i am running a large reef octopus biopellet reactor and i have a reef octopus classic 200 int. Skimmer running. I am seeing a slow but steady increase in nitrates since the tank got exposed to a bunch of dust and epoxy fumes from my kitchen remodel. I lost the majority of my corals except for softies and a few lps. My nitrates used to run between 5 and 10 never higher. I am a bit out of commision with a back injury. Oh i also change my filter socks every 2 days. So i did a few water changes and the nitrates are up to 50. I ordered a larger skimmer it was one of the few i could find that would fit in my skimmer chamber that wasnt gonna kill my wallet totally. So my question is this whats everyones experience with simplicity skimmers?

Will, I have not heard of them. I will look them up and see.

Check Frags 2 Fishes

I spoke to John he said he has a customer that uses them. After looking around on a few forums i have read great things and not so great things. I am going to see how it goes. I went with a skimmer rated for a heavily stocked 270 gallon. So if after a few weeks i dont see an improvement I will probably send it back. I almost bought a nyos 300 but it was so much money i just couldnt bring myself to do it…guess i will see if this Simplicity 540 can get it done. Lol

I have a AquaMaxx skimmer. It works great. Dave Hackett has a AquaMaxx and his is fantastic also. If I had to choose I would get another AquaMaxx. I like the distance between the bubble diffuser and where the the neck starts to close up. More time for protein to adhere to bubbles. I have not seen another skimmer with that much distance.

The thing that pushed me toward the simplicity is the customer service that people say is outstanding. That and the price…lol

So I pulled the trigger on the 540dc and it has been running since Monday. After a few adjustments to air and water flow rates its already pulling decent skimmate and i dont even feel like its totally broken in yet. I have had to empty the cup twice and it was thick dark skimmate. Just started it back up after the second empty.

Kept the RO skimmer cup lid cuz it goes with my red white and black theme under tank…lol

Thinking about diy neck cleaner project just gotta find someone with a 3d printer to make me some pieces…or maybe i will buy a 3d printer…lol nope wife would kill me for sure.

I think I love this skimmer…

Glade it is working for you. Love getting new toys.

What’s the footprint and optimum water level?

Instructions say 7 to 9 inches it is at exactly 9 inches on my sump skimmer chamber.

The cone and cup themselves are almost identical in size to my 200 classic int Reef octopus. But with the larger dc pump and it being mounted in the body and plus the amount of air this thing pulls it is kicking butt.

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24 hours worth of skimming…gonna have to dial it back a bit to get a little dryer skim but this thing kicks butt! Really impressed.

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Nice job. Will keep in mind that skimmer