Skimmer question

I should have ask this question before I bought it, but the deal seem too good to pass up. I bought this thing on Reef Central and paid $170 for it (used):

DNW-200 Large 8” Octopus Recirculating Skimmer [OCT- DNW-200]

Anyone here have any experience with it?

I have two Octo NW200 skimmers, love them. I know they aren’t the same, but similar in size and from the same company, just a slightly different style. The one on my 120g is stock and handles that bioload fine. The one on my 210g is modded but I will be upgrading to a MSX300 since it will be a heavy bioload.

Octopus is the same design as the ASM skimmers. I have an ASM and love it. Couldn’t ask for anything better for the money. Octopus bought the design and used slightly less expensive parts to get the price down. You should be very pleased.

Thanks guys. I have to get a feeding pump for it. Any idea on what is good for my 180?