I will soon be looking for a skimmer for my 210. Any suggestions/opinions on what kind and where to buy?

I have this for sale if you’re interested - it’s used, but works like a champ.

how much are you asking? I wonder what a light bioload is considered to be? This says good for a light bioload in a 210.

Bioload doesn’t have a standard rule to follow, it’s your call and depends on what your plan is. Coralvue’s site says 210 with a light bioload, but I think that would be a little generous. I personally think it’s rated to 150 to 200 gallons max with a typical bioload. It does produce well, and for the first year, I think it was an awesome skimmer. I think it was overpowered for my 90 as it would idle off and on. Now I have something a little more appropriately sized for my system.

If your planning on going fish only, or heavily stocking a reef, then this may be undersized for you and I would recommend something else.

If you’re interested, I was originally wanting 200, but since your a club member and local, I’ll let it go for 150.