So this happened this weekend...

Drilled holes in my 90 gallon! Bean animal here I come.

There are some places where very thin pieces of glass came off near the end.

Lessons learned about drilling glass:

  1. once the bit is started, do not remove it from the hole. this causes tiny slivers of glass to be chipped off near the top.

  2. put duct tape on the bottom of the glass to prevent the above from happening when the bit finally breaks through.

  3. it is probably worthwhile to buy a quality set of hole saws. I had to drill 4 holes and both of these holesaws seemed like they were running out of steam by the end. (I bought $5 holesaws on amazon).

I have drilled about a hundred or so holes with the same hole saw, think you might have been doing something wrong. As long as you keep the bit cool you should be able to drill a lot of hole without any problems.

the bits were cool the entire time, maybe they’re perfectly fine and I was just getting impatient. We had a hose running on it the entire time we were drilling.

How are you doing the over flow? from the inside or outside? will it be C2C or just a box? why do you have 2 set of 3 holes?

Not quite coast to coast.

There are only 4 holes total. I just used the template we made to start the return hole.

I’m doing a bean-animal. so there will be an overflow in the tank but the standpipes will be outside of the tank. the 2 upper holes are for the siphon and trickle overflow. the lower hole is for the upturned safety overflow.

I have 1 hole drilled on one side for the return.

You’ve drill a hole in the center where the brace is. Will that be in the way of one of the stand pipe?

i was very nervous when i first drilled the key is to take your time at the end i always seemed to break through in one small area then i knew to go slow. All the holes i drilled came out nice luckily. I also did the bean it is sweet and works flawlessly any questions about it ask it does take some tweaking to get right. Oh and the same hole saw jason used I used and drilled about 10 holes so add that to 100 lol, brs is where i got mine they are very nice for the price.

@reefman, no it will not be in the way. The standpipes are going on the outside of the tank. The only thing in the tank will be elbows.

@dunk: I’m sure my holesaws are ok I’m just impatient and it was my first time drilling. Very nerve wracking!