*SOLD*WTS- Icecap 660-009 w/t5 retro kit

I got a t5 retro kit with a purchase I made recently I will not be using it so I might as well sell it to put toward my new lighting.
It is a Ice cap 660-009 Ballast with the harness and bulb connectors and reflectors. The reflectors have spots on them look like they would rub out with some polish. Everything is wired as you can see so all you need is bulbs I marked the caps so you will know which one goes to which bulb. Unit is tested and worked perfect.

I am asking $150 I think this is reasonable since you get everything with it. If not shoot me a offer.

Sold on Ebay for $150.+shipping

Willing to trade for other equipment such as mp20/40 would add cash to the trade to :slight_smile: Or other equipment I may need to keep a successful sps tank going.