some new additions

reef empire on ebay


amazing nem, lousy pic


older clammmmmmmm from dr mac

Sweet anemones and sweet clam. Those mini amemones are on my want list. I’d be open for a lot of trades for a little one of those if they split or you divide. I know you said it is an older clam, but the picture came out real well. A little photoshopping?

Some nice looking stuff Paul!! ::thumbsup:: congrats

thanks guys. and no photoshop. just a lucky shot. and the ai’s. any hints on the cyphastrea care??

Nice buy Paul! I got a couple of the maxi mini my self. The color is so intriguing

Nice additions. I really like that cyphastrea it kind of reminds me of kryptonian chalice the way the blue shows on it.

Paul I honestly have no hands on experience with that genus. All I know is they are in the same family as Favia(“brain corals”), Echinopora(“Chalice corals”) and Leptastrea. They are usually not rapid growing corals and were uncommon up until recently. Just keep an eye on it and move it lower in the tank if it starts to not look right. Keep frequent photo records so you can see gradual changes and decide on ideal lighting and flow. I don’t think very high flow or super dark conditions would be ideal, but other then that you tell me when you have more experience. :slight_smile: