Some of the cool things I saw at MACNA

Some of the cool things I saw at MACNA

I thought I would post about several of the cool items I saw being shown off at MACNA. Some of these are new some of them were released 4 years ago but are still cool if you have a disposable income.

This picture is of a demonstration of Ecotech’s Vortex which with the controller can create some awesome natural wave effects.

Some YouTube videos:
Ecotech Vortech Wireless Driver at MACNA 19 in Pittsburgh!!
VorTech Pump Wave Harmonics
Bon’s Reef Tank with VorTech MP40W

There are many more videos out there if you google or search around YouTube, but for those of us with small budgets you might want to check the prices before you start drooling too much over this awesome gadget.

For those of us interested in helping build a sustainable hobby through propagation or just rapidly filling your aquarium with coral this is an awesome find. This ceramic frag platform from The Alternative Reef could be a great way to grow out encrusting or matting corals such as GSP, zonathids, and many others. After the coral has grown out covering both the large plug in the center and part of the holder itself you can use a razor blade to release the plug in the center and pop in a new one to get covered. The sweet part is when you place the new plug in, the coral will grow into the new plug from 360* in every direction. This is a very well made product and I can’t wait for my corals to grow out on them. They also had a lot of other neat products including beautiful magnetic frag stations and reef shelves.

Two Little Fishes has released several new products and have several new to be released in the next couple of months. First off the much anticipated PhosBan Reactor 550 is now available. These beasty well made reactors can hold a heck of a lot of media for those of us with large or very messy tanks. The company I work for uses tons of the 150 model on the tanks we maintain and ordered a bunch of the 550 the second we found out they were available. This one I will be running on my main frag system to cut down on toxins from the crazy mix of corals I keep especially during a late nigh frag marathons.(I will be running GAC in it) Some of you at the BBQ saw the other 150s I have been using.

I can’t wait to get this things hooked up! (Notice Simba our Himalayan performing his modified lazy ostridge trick in the background.)

TLF was also showing off there NanoMag which is a great gadget for those reefers with nano tanks.(Especially ones with curved walls) The next big product I am waiting for is the magnetic SeaVeggies clip.

While some of the new products are not yet posted on their site you can find out more information about TLF on this site.

That was just a couple of the dry goods products I was drooling over at MACNA. My pictures of the live stock vendors just don’t do any of them justice, but there was some AMAZING stuff there. It was great talking with everyone in the industry from manufactures, wholesalers, retail owners, authors, and hobbyist. Steph and I can’t wait till next year in Orlando!

Oh and here is an image of some of the stuff I brought home.(Most of it free, some of it from the raffle, doesn’t include the stacks of coupons and magazines and some other stuff)

WTH i didnt get half of the free stuff…

Did you get that reactor at macna, did u buy it or did they give it to you. there were so many peeps looking at it.

My free stuff was half of that lol,

It was a nice event now you need a camera

Yeah I really need to get a camera, lol.

Most of the TLF stuff pictured I won in the raffle including one stick of each type of epoxy, the Kalkwasser, ReVive, Phosban, ZoPlan, coral glue, and the large bottles of A and B.

The reactor I bought. My boss ordered a bunch of them first thing Monday morning. Think I am going to hook it up after I get something to eat because I was just fragging a LOT of corals. I don’t have any more room to frag stuff!

Im tellin ya check Clist you will find a camera in no time…