Some pics of my new frags

I got a couple of new frags. I sure wish my picture taking skills were better because these pics don’t really do them justice.

ORA Pearlberry

ORA Hawkins

Sunset Monti

Blue Millie

Another shot of my ORA Red Planet

Excellent shots! What kind of camera are you using to take them? Did you use a flash? They are so clear and close up, looks like pics from a book. Really nice.

Very nice, I like that red planet and am interested to see what kind of colors it comes out with when it grows out.

Hey Ellen, whats your sunset on and where is it at in your tank? (height wise)

     Very nice, all look great!

[quote=“IanH, post:4, topic:1286”]
Hey Ellen, whats your sunset on and where is it at in your tank? (height wise)[/quote]


It is about 18" away from lights near the center of the tank. It is on the frag plug it came on which is glued to the live rock. I had it a little higher to start, but it was not happy. I think it is settling in nicely now, and the oragne is getting really bright.

T5HOs w/ individual reflectors right?

[quote=“IanH, post:7, topic:1286”]
T5HOs w/ individual reflectors right?[/quote]

Yes. I have the 6 x 54w ATI fixture. By the way, your monties are looking great! What type of lighting are you using?

4x54w individual reflectors… my sunset is sitting between ~6"-12" deep (on a mag frag rack). I didn’t see the bright redish-orange on the new growth edges until I moved it to the frag rack. Thanks for the compliment!