Sony sucks

I’ve always hated Sony. The exact same lap top with the exact same stats costs twice as much with the “SONY” name on it. I swore I would never buy a Sony product, but was given a camera by my uncle and hate to complain about something I got for free, but Sony sucks.

My BTAs have never looked more beautiful today, I put a new light fixture on top of them and they are just glowing with color. Since my girlfriend decided to take the memory card out of the lap top and put it… somewhere I didn’t have one. Rushed out to buy a stupid memory card because while I have 30 of them, Sony had to be different. I got the wrong Sony memory card! I understand making things smaller might be a good idea, but include an adapter or a disclaimer on the front of the package vs fine print on the back of the package.

I repeat. [glow=red,2,300]SONY SUCKS! [/glow] >:::