Southern Members - Need Help

Anyone coming to the meeting from south of Smyrna?

Paul has the tanks for the raffle Monday night but it doesn’t appear he’s going to be able to make it. Apparently he strained something…at his age I guess that’s to be expected ;D …

Can someone swing by and grab the tanks for us on their way up?

it wasn’t a strain , craig. do i seem like the type of guy to work hard enough to strain something?? yes i’d appreciate it if someone could take the 2 tanks to the mtg. john, can you fit them?


 Yep his age  :P

Sure Paul, I’ll stop bye and take then. Hope you’re feeling better. Cya @ 5pm if that’s ok

So was it from pulling on something too hard?

Squeezing something too tight??

Getting off the couch??

craig, i think i crossed your name off the voting for prez so strongly that it caused the hernia. actually, according to the surgeon, it’s just a weak area on men that no amount of exercise can cure, and that’s the exact thing i use:“no amount of exercise.”

Cool that’s the only type I use any more:

[quote=“moliken, post:6, topic:3474”]
“no amount of exercise.”[/quote] lOl

John would you be able to pick up the Nano from Paul I was going to buy from him and bring it up? If you could pay him the $40 I owe him I can give you $45 cash at the meetings. Just let me know if that works.

Ok Jon if anybody else needs something picked up from Paul, I am going to need to rent a truck :SURRENDER verdict_in

How about picking up one of his clams too!