Stuff for sale

I hope I dont get In trouble for this but I have some things I wanna put up for sale .

I wanna see if anyone’s intrested in them because I need money for my 75 gallon upgrade and wanted to see if anyone could help me out by buying from me.

I have some kinda reactor ill check what kind from reef octopus.

I have a chiller 55-65 gallons from corallife I believe

I have a uv sterilizer

And a magnum 350 canister filter

All of those are new

Then I have some hob filters extra tanks and ornaments and other fish supplies used .

If anyone’s Intrested just reply or pm me with your best offer.

Firstly, you posted on the wrong forum, you should have posted “marketplace” Forsale or for trade section. But don’t worry you will not go to jail…LOL most likely they will move your thread to the right location. However, not having a price, they might delete your thread. I believe these are the DRC Forum rules. Best thing read the rules, to make your membership here pleasant.

When you post an item you should specified, brand, model if it’s new how long have you had it, and etc. Price Price and if you want to add or better offer, that is up to you. And place a picture so that we members can see the item condition. Good Luck!

I moved it to the proper place.

Yes and you should list what you are trying to get for the items

If you want to add pics to help your sale, the best way is by uploading them to a photo sharing site like photobucket and copying the img link. Just my :TWOCENTS

If anyone is intrested pm me and I will text u pics.

I literally ordered the things listed as new and just decided I didn’t want them .

I also have a color enhancing led light from finnex that’s new and some other led lights that are a little best up .

All of these are like best offer type of things so just tell me what you wanna pay for it and ill see if I think it’s a good deal and we can go from there.

Make a list of what you have for sale using the exact product name and what the price is for each item. If you can not do this this post will be removed.


Here’s the list
Corallife 55 gal chiller brand new 200$
Reef octopus hang on skimmer new 75$
Uv sterilizer new small like 30gal. 60$
Magnum 350 - 85$
Ornaments 10$
Hob filters- 45$ 75 gals
Led lights beat up - 35$
Led light brand new - 186$

Plus some more that ill post later

Posted official prices like asked


Magnum 350 , ornaments, one skimmer all sold the rest is all avalible!

what model is this octopus hang on skimmer, And what is it rated for how many gallons?
what brand and model is Uv sterilizer?

Sold the skimmer and the sterilizer is an aquatop 10 watt 211 max GPH brand new uv sterilizer