stuff from TFP swap

well at the swap to day i got lots of coral, and some killer deals. heres what i got

ora bird of paradise
ora peral berry
rainbow monti
hot pink milli
and germen blue polyp acro (maybe?)

heres the catch first i have to acclimate them,lol. its ok i didnt mention probably the niceset and most expensive coral i got. heres a tease it’s a chalice. pics in a few.

what were your numbers? 1 and 2?
lotsa people?

no picks. it was window shopping,lol. find something you like and make a deal.

300+ registered and then how ever may walkins (like me).

it was a huge space and there was still barly any room to walk. some very nice stuff.

no pics tonight, i had about half the frags in and the light was about to go out, but i promise to get some pics tommrow (might get a pic of the verda im getting tommrow).

so my review is: best swap ive ever been to.

Sounds like you had a good time. How much did you end up spending if you don’t mind me asking?

damn, hopefully DVRC’s swap can compete…i should have went to this event

600 people walked through the doors of the swap saturday. it was very busy…and hot!

ok so yesterday our family went up to north philli near (1+ hour ride). this guy is breaking his tank down and i figure we are going to get at most 3 mini colonys of coral. boy was i wrong.
we got…

hughe blue and green verda colony
purple monti “?” (kinda like a digi but not really)
huge acan eckinada(sp?)
red/green acro
losts of green and red cap frags.
and lots of zoa frags.

1 thing i will say is they had lots of aptaisa. it took 5 hours straight to remove what seemed to be all. It was still a huge reward.

more pics to come. sorry about the bad pics the camara is running out of battery, better then nothing

here are the TFP corals!

and the surprise i promised… a MIMIA HURRICANE CHALLICE!

Rainbow monti (could be pokerstar)

a fav of mine ORA Peralberry

heres a bad pic of some sps i got from the brekdown.

i think ill update my tak thread with some new pic soon. hopefully some more pics to come.

WOW BZ!! You got soooo Many corals stuffed in that tank, you must do water changes with an eye dropper!

Do you have a QT tank for all those corals with aptasia? If not, i hope you zapped em all. the big acros could be snapped off their rock and glued to a clean one.

Yup, it was a very good swap!

Man I wish I could have gone.

how much did you pay for the challace?

that definitly looks like a rainbow monti to me, just needs to color up some. Nice corals.