Stuff just in time for christmas

True percula clowns $29
Fancy white clowns $65
onyx clowns $67
Black Ice clown pair $250
Gold strip clowns $29
all clowns are tank raised
Whipfin fairy wrasse $49
Purple fire fish $29
Helfrichi firefish $75
Small hippo tang $44
Spotted mandarin $29

Elegance pink tip $129

Elegance Blue tip $149

neon green trumpet $59

green welso $110

ultra welso’s $189

neon green hammer $189

green torch L $99 M $89

Marble green hammer $199

orange hammer $159

bright green hammer with purple tips $199

Favias $99 to $129 frags to 1x1 $45

red plate $350

pepermint plate $145

purple plate $79

pink tip long tentacle plate $69

green tip long tentacle plate $49

Blue tip long tentacle plate $69

Duncan $9 per head

Acan $99

Acan Rotunda flora $89 6x5 frags 1x1 $45

scoly’s $199 to $299

XL strawberry fields Chalice $199 5x5 frags $45

Chalice colony $175 frags $45

Chalice Frags $45 each

Chalice $145 3x4

bubble coral $89

green ring blasto $129
red symphyllia $79

ultra multi colored symphyllia $149

mushroom rocks $49 to $69

XXL purple curly - Q nem $199

green cloves $59

XL combo rocks $175

L combo rocks $150

alveopora coral $59

goniopora coral $45

I will post pics of corals latter tonight. shipping to DE is a flat rate of $25 ups ground witch gets to most places in DE in one day
thanks for looking craig

Looking forward to to the Hammer pics

any acros, Craig?

Hay A
I do have some but they are coloring up right know as soon as they are ready i will get them posted up

Thanks Craig.



sps colonys and frags will be posted some time this weekend

Lets see them pics Craig!!

all sps are 85 by one get one 1/2 off shipping to DE is a flat rate of $15 ups ground or usps overnight is $30

If anyone wants got get stuff from me I will ship it to one person prob Craig. and you all can pick it up from him. If you all spend more than $500 or more i will ship it down to Craig for free everyone would just have to pick it up from him.

Any frags of the acros Craig or are they all colonies? some nice colonies though. Thanks

I can frag them in 1/2 for $40 really don’t want to make frags right know