Suction Cups for tank moving I could borrow or rent?

I am picking up a new tank over the weekend. Does anyone have suction cups for glass that I could borrow or rent to help me move this tank?

Not I. Are you using the cups for the sides of the tank? Would you want stress on the sides.?

I have some you are welcome to borrow!

Thank you Matt. Much obliged.

You are welcome!!

Did somebody say new tank? Glad to hear you’ve got some exciting plans ahead of you @TheProfessor

John Walker has some suction cups as well.

Yes, I am buying a used Red Sea Reefer XL525 from a seller in Kent County. I’m excited to set it up. Same total water volume as my current set up, but a MUCH nicer set up. The 5 foot shallow rimless tank is so nice. Seller offering it for a very low price.

Matt Ortynski lent me his clamps.

Nice. Good luck with the new set up.