Sump ideas

Would I be better off converting my trickle filter to a sump refugium or buying a used tank and putting in some baffles?
The dimensions of my trickle filter are 42x18x18 so it could hold around 58 gallons filled to the brim.

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depends on what you want to do with it size wise it would be fine and you could get and cut and drill your own plexi and use Weldon 16 for a real nice finish.

My next sump is planed and will be a 30 breeder and will be a mix of a Aqueon ProFlex 4 and Synergy Reef SS-34

How much room do you have? Do you the option of puting sump behind tank or even in the basement? Then you would have much more room. :TWOCENTS thays why i have more water in my sump then my tank.

My tank is over a crawl space. The stand is 96x25x40

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I would move and buy a house with a basement ::hitsthefan::… or dig 1

The crawl space is in the basement.

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Well then all you need is a big pump to move the water that can handle the head pressure. Reeflo baracuda is what i use, its about 6000gph from my basement