Super Frags

We have posted a lot of super nice frags, everything from Aussie Acans to Blue Zoos.

See them all here, we offer the widest variety of corals available anywhere–NEW CORALS ADDED DAILY:

Here are a few examples of some of the new frags posted:

Aussie Neon Orange Rainbow Acan

Aussie Peppermint Rainbow Acan

Aussie Pink-Orange eye Mycedium Chalice

Mini Neon Red Feather Duster Cluster

Metallic Teal Goniastrea

RARE Neon Lime Polyp Acropora cuneata

Blue Acropora samoensis

Rainbow Pokerstar Montipora

Red Polyp Christmas Montipora

Cherry Acanthastrea echinata

Here are a few more frags we are posting, lots of others posted and coming this week: