Super SALE Days

Super SALE Days This Week at Pacific East Aquaculture

40% OFF All Dr. Mac Hand-Picked Corals

30% OFF all WYSIWYG Frags-2 Pages on Our Site

20% OFF all Australian Corals

Lots of other Super SALE Specials

A few samples of corals posted today, more being posted all week

Lemon Lime Spaghetti Leather Colony

Bright Purple Encrusting Montipora Frag

Teal-Blue tip Lemon Lime Acropora tenuis Frag

Blue Spotted Encrusting Montipora Frag

Orange Polyp Encrusting Montipora Frag

More corals posted overnight, Super SALE Days this week!!!

Super Sale continues, lots of new postings all week long. Also up, some brand new Pieces of the Reef for your perusal.

New postings still continue! We got some great new frags up for the sale, check it out…

How much is this one