Sussex and Kent County Delaware Meetings?


I’m a new member in Kent county. The first and only event I attended was the frag swap in Dover. I plan on making the trip to the November fragswap.

I was wondering what the limiting factors are for having some of the club meetings closer to Sussex and Kent county Delaware members?

Is it lack of interest from those members? Lack of venue? Maybe the meetings could be live-streamed on YouTube for those of us further away?

Thanks and great job on the new forum format!

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@Jessica we’ve tried a few times putting meetings together in central and southern DE. The hobbyist only frag swap was a big undertaking and attendance was really low. There are a couple things keeping us from having them more regularly: we don’t have a regular spot to meet and attendance at these meetings has been low and primarily from members from further north. We’re absolutely open to suggestions!

I like the idea of streaming meetings. We can certainly figure out a way to make that happen.


Streaming meetings, that’s a great concept! I would have never thought of that. But then I still have a plenum/deep sand bed in my tank…

Definitely something to put some serious thought into


We could try something like that at the next meeting by going live on Facebook? And also at events like the frag swap and what not do maybe drive curiosity

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