Sussex Member Meeting/Mini Swap

:loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: Southern members!!! :loudspeaker::loudspeaker:
We have a SUSSEX member who has generously offered to host a member meeting / MINI frag swap in July or August at their home with a large entertainment space. ALL members are welcome to attend but this is an effort to provide a local opportunity for Sussex members to network since historically most member meetings have been held up north. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW :point_down: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

Intrested for sure

Very interested and my son will be there too.

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I will come down as long as I’m not out of town on the given date. Can probably bring some coral with me fire sale or trade.

I should be able to make it. I can bring some RBTA’s with me.

Would like to attend, but can’t be sure until the exact date is known.

Time: July 24 2022 12-2pm
Where: Maria’s house at 36 thatcher street Frankford, DE

What do expect:

Raffle - frags and dry goods

Frag swap- community frag holding tank and tables will be available for use


Network with other hobbyist

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One of the raffle items-


Just wanted to refresh this post and bring it to any lower De members attwntion who hadn’t seen it before. Now that we have a set date/time I will definitely be in attendance. If there’s anything I can bring please let me know.


Our next Member meeting/Mini Frag Swap is just around the corner! We will provide finger food and refreshments. Please remember to bring cash if you are interested in purchasing raffle tickets :tickets: and/or a membership card.

2022-2023 membership rates are:

$10 per student
$15 per adult
$25 per family

Membership perks:

-Free admittance to the annual Delaware Reef Club Coral Show/Frag Swap
-Discounts from participating sponsors

For this event Donavon A Stout will be donating:

  • Three zoa pack
  • Two mushroom pack (purple Yuma and nuclear green Rhodactis)

Also John Sikorski will be donating:
-2 zoas frags
-1 acro frag

Fluval has generously donated a package as well.

For those of you that don’t have the luxury of visiting Frags 2 Fishes regularly because you live downstate you can order DRY GOODS online by Friday July 22, 2022 and Mike (Vice President) will pick it up and bring it to our Member meeting/Mini Frag Swap on Sunday 7/24/22 in Frankford, DE.

Just order and pay on the Frag 2 Fishes website and place a note on your order that Mike from the Delaware Reef Club will be picking up the order locally.

Hope to see you there! It was a lot of fun seeing old and new faces and talk reef with other hobbyists at our last meeting!


Has anyone ordered from Frags 2 Fishes for me to pick up Friday and bring down to the meeting?

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There is a small chance I may be in the area and able to make it. If I do I likely will not be able to bring any corals.

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I think it’s best to call John and ask. He is keeping track of that.

Frags I will be selling at the 7/24 meeting. All my frags are home grown from my 180 gal main tank. My frags are sold at a fair price to all DRC members and others.
If you would like to purchase a frag, I will bring it to the meeting.


2 frags Everlasting Gobstoppers…$20 each

Superman Monti…$20

2 frags Blueberry Fields zoas …$20 each

Purple trumpet candy canes
3 Head…$30 Sold 2 head $20
Small Orange Setosa…$15
Red Mushrooms…$15

Mint Chocolate Monti…$15

Left Orange Digitta …$15
Right Red Robin,$25 Sold

Large Orange digi …$25
Small Red Robin Acro…$20

Middle front Watermellon zoas…$20
Middle rear Eagle Eye zoas?..$20

2 JF Jacko Lanterns…$25 each

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Jack o lantern :heart:

I am bringing the large Jacko lantern that you had previously ordered. :grinning: Thank you.

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Red Robin please

Which one do you want? Small or large one

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The larger one please

Thanks Donavon, you got it.