Sweet corals

Have to give these guys props. Everything was at least 2-4 times larger then I expect and seemingly very healthy.(was lights out already when I got everything in) I’ll certainly be buying from these guys again in the future.

Oh everything seemed a bit brighter in my tank as well.

[quote=“Gordonious, post:2, topic:3990”]
Oh everything seemed a bit brighter in my tank as well. [/quote]
my blasto was the same, much bigger. got a pipe organ also, but it’s withdrawn and shy. this morning, it looks great, 30 white polyps. thnks coralprops!

Yeah we will all have to get pictures.

My mini-maxi carpet nem looks even cooler in person than it did in the pcitures. I’ve nerver sen coloring in a nm like that before.

The yellow frag that I received (wish Henk would have labled the free bags too ;D ) I THINK it’s a yellow leather has the most amazing flourecent yellow/green coloring to it.

I honestly couldn’t be happier. We’ll have to talk about another GB in a few weeks when his new clams are ready for sale ::drool::

Thanks for the post and for the feedback!!! ;D

Sorry but I didn’t see this post till a view minutes ago. I am going to setup a notification.

I posted new little clams on our website. I have a lot more 2" Derasa’s that will be posted in the coming weeks. I also hope to add more Maxi mini carpet anemones next week. More 5 and 6" clams will be posted in 2.5 weeks.

Thanks again!