"Switching from Metal Halides to LED

I’m due to change my MH bulbs(3) and my T5 tubes (8)in February, that’s what’s in my unit. That’s will be about $350. With my current and future economics situation, I want to change to LEDs. I will have about $1200 available to make the change. I have a 125 gal reef set up at 6’ across. I need to know what will be the best I can get within my budget. I know nothing about LEDs. I need to be educated by you guys, please help. I have 2 top braces on my tank so I think I will need 3 units.

I would recommend the new ReefBreeders Photon V2 https://www.reefbreeders.com/shop/photon-32-v2/
you can get 2 x 32inch which should be good for a 72 x 18 the braces should not be much of a factor if you have them 10 inches above them or you could go with 3 X 24inch which would be end to end
the 2 x 32" would be $1,150.00 and the 3 x 24" would be $1,200.00.
They are nice lights and have been getting good reviews, I have a photon v1 over my 120 and it’s going on 4 years old now and I will be replacing it with a V2 next year sometime.

I’m a big proponent of LEDs, but if you are happy with the look and growth you have with MH, you might be disappointed with most LED setups. You’d be better served, IMO, by supplementing your T5s with LEDs rather than replacing them.

I gotta tell I will agree I had 3 very nice MH  fixtures and sold them to go to leds had them for a year and went back to metal halides . If I had $5000 I would have the ecotec fixtures they seem to be real nice but I don't have the kinda money . My corals grow like crazy and have great color under the MH and VHOs 

I have a 6 foot fixture with HQI MH bulbs and 4 vhos on a wooden frame I made, I only spent $250 on all the bulbs the beginning of the year, 3 14k Phoenix bulbs and 4-5 foot VHOs bulbs . I like the leds but have had so much better luck with old reliable

Good luck with your decision