System for sale.

I am selling my whole tank and all the fish and equipment. Everything must go. I would like to sell as much as I can fast. I would sell the whole setup minus the ecotech lights and circulation pump for $800. I will sell the livestock for $500 and the equipment for $300 after the tank is empty. Please message me if you have any offers or questions.


Jedi mind trick montipora.
Orange montipora
Red montipora
Pink and green branching frog spawn
Purple encrusting montipora
Green birds nest
Pulsating Xenia
Purple mushrooms with blue spots
Orange and green Acan
Hammer of the gods polys
Orange lash polys
Dragon eye zoas
Radioactive Dragon Eye zoas
Orange clove polyps
Gold recordia
Blue and orange recordia
Large pink finger leather
60 lbs of live rock

Hippo tang he has lateral line
Algae blenny
Coral beauty angel
Six line wrasse
2 cleaner shrimp
Coral banded shrimp
Serpent starfish
Cleanup crew including electric blue and Halloween hermit crabs

55 gallon tank
Black stand for tank
Reef octopus ss-100 protein skimmer
20 gallon plexi Eshopps refugium
Eshopps 800 overflow
Mag drive 7 pump
Two little fishes GFO reactor with pump
(2) 300 watt heaters
Grounding probe
Hydor Koralia Evolution 850GPH power head
(2) power blocks one with day and night timers

Pictures of the livestock

If u decide u wanna piece out equipment I.might be
in a few piece of equipment