T5 Lights, Wet/Dry, and Skimmer for sale

I am selling

Pro clear Aquatics Wet/Dry 75 Sump.

Excalibur Protein Skimmer

Current USA Sundial 30" T5HO. 4-Bulb with 2- moonlights and built in timers. Has 2xactinics, 2x10K and 2-Blue Moonlights. $200.00

I am looking for a 36" set of lights.

you ended up using the asm, insted of the excalibur ?

Nahh, I am trading it and some Cash for an AquaC next weekend, so now I have no use for the Excalibur again…

Thats cool. thanks for sending the O ring for the skimmer. i really appreciate it.

Still have the sump and skimmer for sale…