Tank Trimmings - Under $10- still in time for Christmas

[center]You read it right - Tank Trimmings for less than $10 each -


FREE FedEx Priority Shipping for orders $150++

We are Shipping Thursday and Friday*- just in time for Christmas - so get it in now!!!

See what you can get for ONLY $9.99:

Purple Condy Anemone

Kiwi Krush Zoos- 5 Polyps

Bam Bam Zoanthid Soft Coral - 5 polyps

Eagle Eye Zoos - 5 Polyps

Fire Fish Goby

Orange Fan Sponge

Candy Cane Hard Coral

Yellow Polyps- 5 Polyps

Hurricane Zoanthids- 5 Polyps

Razzberry Creme Zoos- 5 Polyps

Springeri Damsels - “eats Flat Worms”

Anemone Crabs

Green Star Polyps


*Friday shipments will be limited to a first come - first serve basis - also orders MUST be shipped via Fedex Priority Overnight and a $25 saturday delivery surcharge will be added to the invoice. Some very rural areas of the US do not have an option for Saturday delivery via FEDEX - please check with FEDEX.com if you think there may be an issue.[/center]

This sale is almost over!