Tank upgrade question

I’m upgrading to a 110 gal. that I picked up from my 55 gal. and I have a few questions on the best way to get things swapped over. I plan on moving over all my live rock, about 80 lbs. but not the substrate, That will be new. I buy my RODI water so I’m wondering if its a good idea to transfer the water over and fill the rest with new water or just start from scratch? If I do it that way should I expect a cycle? Any other pointers I can pick up on the best way to do this would be greatly appreciated.

I think you should expect a cycle, even if you are getting half of the water and live rock from your 55. I am not sure of your exact setup, but if there is a sump/fuge and deep sand bed involved, you almost have to have that nitrogen cycle. With the cycled live rock it will go a little bit faster, but you still need to populate the substrate you put in the new tank.

When I start my new tank here in the next month or so, I am going to start over completely from scratch. Most of my livestock was transferred to a 29gal and is being kept by my younger brother until I can get my new tank up and cycled.

Im sure you will get plenty of advice. If you have any specific questions please ask!
I will say this though, if you are going to go to a 110, its time to get your own RODI unit. Its really just not practical any other way IMHO.
If you are starting with new substrate I would think you could expect a small cycle, depending on how many pounds you put in. I would take your time here. get your new tank set up with substrate and water and plumbing. wait a week or two, add some rock, wait a week or two and add some more.

If the water from your old tank is not that bad off, you can still use it to help it cycle the new tank. Along with those rocks as well. That’s what I’m doing with my new set up as well.

I would put some starboard on the bottom where you’ll be placing your rock, then place your foundation/base rock (and/or PVC) on the starboard high enough that it will be at the level of your substrate, i.e. if you’re going to use a DSB it should be 3" to 4", then add your substrate. I wouldn’t use the “live” stuff, I think it’s just wet sand anyway, and about 30% more expensive. I would use about half of your current water in the new DT, and save some for cleaning the rock you’ll be transferring. It might be prudent to add some type of good quality bacteria, i.e. biodigest, too.

A couple of good articles:


Keep in mind the cycle come from die off. Using existing live rock will keep cycling to a minimum as there is already a strong bacterial colony and the onlybdie off will be from the rock itself. Filling 20% or so of the 110 with new water and sand and a few pieces of your existing LR will start to colonization of the sand bed. Leave it for a week and start to move the rest of your rock over during week 2. By the time you get all rock moves over you should be safe to add livestock. I’ve moved a 75 all at one rime and had an almost imperceptible cycle.

Great advice from everyone, I’m alot less worried about the transition now. I still have a ways to go as I just have the tank and stand right now but within the next few weeks I should be ready to get started. I’ll be sure to post the progress as it gets going, Thanks.

What else do you need? I just cleaned out a guys set-up and have a ton of misc. parts lying around, T5 end caps, ASM G3 skimmer, pumps, heaters, power heads, etc.

Thinking about having a yard sale for fish geeks.

Well, the 2 biggest things on my list are a skimmer and lights, I’m planning on running a 30 gal. sump. I’m not familiar with the skimmer you mentioned but if its a good size for my system I’m interested. If you think its a good fit PM me some info., Thanks