tanks and stuff.. 46 bow, 56 cube,125,filters, skimmers

Boy the things i do to get my big tank. lol anyways

i have a 46 bowfront not drilled with homemade stand and glass top with single hood light with 50/50 bulb in it. also have hob filters and other stuff. make me an offer would love to keep it as a extra tank but im space limmited. make an offer???

i also have a 56 cube with matching stand. the one they have at petsmart. also have the hood and light. the glass is perfect. the stand has a little water damage on left corner
make an offer??

i have a 125 tank typical tank the center is support is sagging a bit. but the glass is very nice. would make a good big sump or a second tank. 85.00 get it gone

misc. corallife super65 skimmer works great.
eheim 2215 canister filter
fluval xp3 filter
red sea prizim pro deluxe hob skimmer the top collection cover is cracked
powerheads,and bio wheels penguins,rena smart fliter etc.
make an offer on them… also i will have some black live sand as well
christophersj40@yahoo.com or 443 309 1900 cell

will u take trades for the skimmer??? i olny have about 30$ so if i can get it for that awsome. i have some candy canes i want to get rid of. i have zoo and mushrooms too. brett does it come with the pump?

what kind of power heads??? my need 1 or 2 depending on price and type thanks. woow 101 post.

pm sent

it would be AWSOME TO SEE some pics.

you want a pic of the skimmer?