TB Aquatics - AccliMate Special


This is a great new product and now on sale for $39.95.

The U.S. Patent Pending AccliMate is an aquarium product which facilitates the transportation and acclimation of fish and other plants and animals to their new aquarium homes.

Parts of the AccliMate:

  1. Strainer --doubles as a bristle worm trap.
  2. Cover – doubles as a fish trap door.
  3. Tank Hanger – to use the AccliMate tank side (adjustable to tanks tops up to 5 inches wide.).
  4. Drip Tube – used in drip acclimation.
  5. Tube Clamp – to control the acclimation rate.
  6. Cinch Strap – secures the unit to the hanger.
  7. Fishing Line – used in the fish trap mode.
  8. Outer Container – brings it all together.

The AccliMate consists of a pair of acrylic boxes, one smaller strainer box that fits inside of a larger water tight box. The smaller box is designed to allow it to be removed from the larger box while the unit is full of water (and fish). When the smaller box is removed, specially designed drain holes and slots allow all of the water to drain out and back into the outer box leaving the contaminated fish store water out of your aquarium. Your fish is released into the new aquarium using the strainer instead of a net.

A convenient cover seals the unit to help prevent spillage when using the AccliMate to transport fish. The included hanger lets you conveniently attach the AccliMate to the side of your quarantine tank or aquarium for easier use.

The AccliMate is designed to serve three primary functions:

  1. Safely and efficiently transport aquatic animals and plants from one place to another.
  2. Easily and effectively acclimate aquatic animals and plants to the water parameters of a new aquarium.
  3. Quickly and reliably trap fish inside of the aquarium in preparation for transport.

The AccliMate offers a number of benefits, some are obvious, some not so obvious.

  1. Improved aquarist success through better acclimation of new pets.
  2. Greatly reduces the possibility of contaminating your aquarium with water from the fish store.
  3. Lower hobby cost as more fish survive the acclimation process.
  4. Greater satisfaction in the hobby hopefully leading to more people staying in it.
  5. Reduced impact on wild habitats…the more fish that survive, the fewer will need to be pulled from the reef.
  6. Smaller carbon footprint as the need for plastic bagging at LFS is reduced or eliminated.

There are a few alternate uses for the AccliMate that I have discovered in my trials:

  1. It is excellent for fresh water dips.
  2. It can be used as a breeder pen.
  3. It just makes moving fish around easier.
  4. It is a great medication chamber.

Some of the key features of the AccliMate:

  1. Transportation and acclimation are done all in the same unit.
  2. It can be used as a hang-on-tank device or tank side on a table or other platform.
  3. It eliminates the need for nets when introducing new fish and corals.
  4. It is perfect (and designed specifically) for drip acclimation of sensitive animals.
  5. It is hard-sided to allow for the transportation and acclimation of spiny and poisonous fish. No more Styrofoam boxes.
  6. It’s great for taking to coral frag parties…leave the Tupperware in the cupboard.