TB Aquatics - Built to order RO/DI

[size=10pt]Now available, built to order RO/DI at TB Aquatics.

TB Aquatics brings you more top quality at an outstanding value. You will not find a unit built with the same quality components for a better price.

Our units feature top quality components:

-Clear top quality housings that support up to 150 psi
-Filmtec membranes, the best available
-Refillable DI cartridges with Resintech MDB-30 resin
-Matrixx carbon filters
-John Guest Quick connect fittings

Pricing starts at $119 for a 4 stage 75 GPD unit.

Options available
-TDS Meters
-Catalytic carbon for chloramine issues
-Auto shutoffs

*We also offer an unsurpassed warranty. Our standard warranty is 5 years but with standard filter replacement becomes a lifetime warranty. After 5 years the warranty will continue as long as you continue to purchase replacement filters from us, or an authorized reseller.

We will build the unit to your specifications.

When buying a RO/DI unit for an aquarium, look for the following warning signs to avoid a bad purchase:

-cheap imported housings with low pressure limits
-horizontal di units. They do not perform as well as vertical units because channels are created where the water bypasses the DI
-non Filmtec/GE membranes. There are many other off brands off membranes that simply do not have the same performance
-inline plastic filters - no reason on aquarium units to use these filters, they are primarily for taste in drinking water applications
-pressure gauges - under most circumstances they are not needed. Just added as profit makers.
-bypass flush valves - same as above.[/size]

[size=6pt]All RO Units manufactured by TB Aquatics, are warranted to the original user to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 5 years. After 5 years, the warranty remains in effect as long as replacement filters are purchased through TB Aquatics or an authorized reseller at least twice a year for the sediment, di, and carbon filters and once every 3 years years on the membrane. This warranty is only of parts that prove to be defective. TB Aquatics liability under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing at TB Aquatic’s discretion, without charge, F.O.B. TB Aquatcs warehouse, any product excluding electronic TDS meters and pumps. TB Aquatics will not be liable for any cost of removal, installation, transportation, or any other charges which may arise in connection with warranty claim. Pumps and TDS meters are subject to warranty provided by the manufacturer of said products and not by TB Aquatics warranty… TB Aquatics will not be liable for damage or wear to products caused by abnormal operating conditions, accident, abuse, misuse, unauthorized alteration, or repair, or if the product was not installed in accordance with TB Aquatics‘s printed installation and operating instructions or damage caused by hot water, freezing, flood, fire, or acts of God.

The disposable filters are not covered under warranty.

To obtain service under this warranty, the defective product must be returned to TB Aquatics together with proof of purchase, installation date, failure date. Any defective product returned to the factory or service station must be sent freight prepaid; documentation supporting the warranty claim and/or a Return Goods Authorization must be included, if so instructed.

TB Aquatics will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, losses, or expenses arising from installation, use, or any other causes. There are no express or limited warranties, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which extend beyond those warranties described or referred to above. [/size]