TB Aquatics Inverts

I’m bringing in some more amazing inverts. I’ll be at NCPARS on Saturday and Manhattan Reefs on the 23rd. They can also be picked up in Flemington by appointment or shipped anywhere in our Zone 1 UPS for relatively cheap.

I am bringing in Red Fromia, Amazing Blue Linkia, Money Cowries, XXL Mexican Turbos, Lg Nass, Cucumbers, Black Turbos, Trochus snails and Conchs.

Pricing is as follows (for qty discounts, ask)

$15 Red Fromia
$18 Blue Linkia
$2.5 Money Cowries
$2 XXL Turbos
$2 Lg Nass
$10 Cucumbers
$1.5 Black Turbos
$3 Conchs
$2.50 Trochus
$40-60 Ultra Croceas

UPS Shipping is as follows for Zone 1 (NJ, Deleware, Southern NY, Eastern PA and more, send us your zip to determine if you are zone 1)
Orders under $100 - $14.95
Orders $101-200 - $9.95
Over $200 - Free