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Ok my tank is fully cycled all the paramadors are perfect.So jacqui and i head out to get some life in the tank. Now my idea is to get a small tang and maybe a couple of frags and some chromis. (since my other chromis hides all day he needs freinds to feel safe).

So i let jacqui picked the fish( omg bad move ) See picks out fish as if they are puppys if you come out and licks her face through the glass thats her pick.

Welp nothing would come out and greet her expect for this sailfin Tang that was beat up with no sail and looks like it went 50 rounds with mike tyson.

She fell in love with it now we are the proud parents of the uglyest fish in the world.

Note toself leave jacqui at home when buying anymore fish.

No good at all. Never let them name a fish until it has been in the tank for two weeks.

Oh now they tell me. She named the dam thing ROCKY! verdict_in

Lol, bad move haha bad move… lol good luck where did u go?

We went to fishmens I want to name the fish murdered. But i need a place to live.

There is a good chance that fish has been in someone else’s tank and has been suffering for months or years of malnutrition. Get it several types of dried algae.(I personally use TLF Mixed SeaVeggies, but there are plenty of types of nori and other algaes available) Feed it well and that fin will grow back, though it takes a while. If it is not fed well and often it will continue to go down hill and look worse and worse. Tangs also can become aggressive towards other fish if not fed well. Bottom line, feed that fish.

LOL funny ;D

[quote=“jjhanson, post:6, topic:587”]
We went to fishmens [/quote]

That means letting her pick out the fish was your SECOND mistake … not the first …

^^^ True dat ^^^

Lol, No LFS bashing guys. I have some TLF veggies if you want them. That way you don’t have to go ordering them. I live up on the border of PA and DE. Shoot me a PM if you want to pick them up somewhere.

feeding my pita red agale treats he tears them up fast he loves them.