TB Aquatics - Some more pics of some rarely seen corals

Here’s a few more pics of stuff you won’t see everyday, or might not even see every 6 months or year. A lot of it is Western Australian and not a lot is imported especially since during the rainy season which can last 6 months it’s impossible to dive due to the visibility.

Australian Moseleya latistella
Reasonably priced at $74.95

Similar to a montipora with large bluish coralites on a green base.

Spider Sponge
A full sponge, not just a small frag. Frags go for $30. This is a nice sized entire sponge for $99.95

Australian Lithophyllon edwardsi
A disc shaped coral but it is a single mouthed coral. Very green. $79.95

This one is just beautiful. A nice Blasto Wellsi. A full colony. $199.95 for the discerning reefer.

And a bonus non aussie
A highly desirable large Blue Cespitularia Xenia. It is really blue too! $129.95 which is a bargain considering a single stalk can go for $80…