TB Aquatics Updated Photos

Finally am getting realistic looking photos of the animals in stock. Amazing what better lighting and white balance can do. I’ll be updating all the pics on the site soon. You can notice the eggcrate is white and therefore the colors and white are correctly balanced now. The previous pictures before were unflattering to say the least.

Check them out over the next few days. 10% off on some beautiful acans. Others are 10-20% off.

Still looking for these.
If you have a link worthy of publishing please send it to me via pm or email a1amap @ del reef club.org

Pump specs http://www.petsolutions.com/Info.aspx?id=30

Worm good and bad pics and identifier http://www.chucksaddiction.com/hitchworms.html

So we can afford that next big tank upgrade.

See at a glance, What’s Hot!! And What’s Not!!

Invest Till It Hurts!!


Might be a good time to bump this and see if anyone has found some sites to add.
I know we have some new forums to add ie. reefgeeks.com

If anyone has sites they feel offer value post them so they can get added to the links list

These are some of the site I use when I need answers to corals, fishes and many others.

Some basic salt water guide

Bob Goemans’ web site. lots of good info and lots of links.

Fish id website search and home page.

Robert Fenner website.

This is the link to Marc Levenson website and just loaded with tons of great information, one of the best out there IMO. PBJ!