Teardrop Maxima and More!

We recently got in a Teardrop Maxima along with a nice Deresa, Squamosa and 50 NEW Polynesian Cultured Maxima clams. We are really excited about the Teardrop Maxima as it is only one of a few that we have got in over the years!

The Teardrop Maxima sold over the weekend but we still wanted to share with everyone!

We are still working on WYSIWYG photos of the clams so check back for updates.


Lots of great Weekly Specials too!

Teardrop Maxima-SOLD

These two clams are not posted on our website yet. Email Alyssa at alyssa@pacificeastaquaculture.com if you are interested!

Squamosa- Approximately 4 inches. Price $129.99

Deresa-Approximately 4 inches. Price $129.99

We are still working on WYSIWYG photos of the 50 Cultured Maxima clams we have in stock. Dr. Mac made a quick video of the clams to give everyone a sneak peak. We will be posting these clams to our website soon. Keep an eye out for updates!

50 NEW Cultured Maxima clams just posted! Awesome prices!