Tentative event schedule for the remainder of 2010

Im going to list the tentative dates for DRC events that will take place from now until the end of the year. We have had the schedule done for a while but it took a while to work out some of the details. We will have four big annual events: Christmas Dinner, Frag Swap, Big Summer Trip, and BBQ. In addition to these events we are going to make every effort to co-host an event at each sponsoring LFS once a year. Here is the agenda so far:

5/1/2010 We will have our first LFS Event at East Coast Aquatics. (Details to follow shortly)
5/8/2010 LFS event at the Fish Bowl(Details to follow shortly)
6/5/2010 BBQ at my house
6/26/2010 BBQ at Craig’s 3pm
7/11/2010 Trip to Atlantis Marine World
8/2010 LFS eventr at Delaware Premium Aquatics
12/2010 Chistmas Dinner

The two LFS events in May are a result of a conflict due to a trade show in April. Typically the LFS events will be roughly every 2-3 months depending on the number of LFS sponsors this year.

Man, there is one week and a 2 days i cannot do anything this summer. From the 11-18th of July i will be driving down to florida, and June 5th i have my cousins wedding. Man, i really wanted to go to the BBQ this year. Sounds like a lot of fun for the rest of the year. I am going to have to plan to come back on the 20th of Dec for the dinner, as i will be at college and will have to drive home. Keep up the good work.

that is a great set of events. congrats to all involved. looks like i can make them all!!! yay!

I was curious if we were still planning the trip in July to Atlantis Marine World, i didnt see any threads for it? (Maybe i wasnt looking far enough back)

that trip was set up a while ago, and we are going next sunday july 11th. pm shawn (logans_dady) and see if anyone has dropped out if your interested. ya never know.