Thanks for the visit!

Just wanted to say thank you for another great trip. I really appreciate you taking the time to host our club, and your insights on the future of the hobby. Thanks again!


Yes, thank you very much for letting us come down and feeding us while we were there. The grand tour was amazing and as always so was the coral selection.

Awe!! Dang!! this was the first Dr. Mac trip i have missed. i sure coulda used another frag pack. But i blew all my spare bucks on a good, Used Saturn Vue today. So "I feel alive agin, I can drive agin "

I hope everyone found what they wanted. The Doc always has a well stocked candy store. Nothing like a double spa sized sump in the ground to keep the system running clean. he has a nice, simple set up. we should all take note.

How did the display tanks look? He was re-landscaping a couple of them last time we went.

Gorrilla Crab infestation?

What’s the problem?

There are no banana’s in reef tanks!!

well, Tanks guys for the kind wurds. Im just a scavenger who collects stuff and tries to keeps em alive. when they grow and multiply i’m as surprised as anyone. but i do try to keep it simple. its all about water qualit, light and circulation. not too much, not too little. near as i can tell.

I run 4 T-8’s and 2 VHO ACTS. on the 4 foot long frag tank. I overdrive the T-8’s about 15% at 37 watts each with a GE LIGHTING ballast from

I have been using T8 bulbs with built in reflectors from this place:

They were a bargain price at one time. but this year they seem to have doubled their bulb prices. so i am switching to T-5’s/ my good cheap supply dried up.

No, a coil denitrator and a plenum dont work the same. but they do emply the same anoxic bacteria. a coil has flow thru it, very low, a few drops a secon, but flow. where as a plenum works with the charge, positive and negative, like a battery to move molecules thru the system. lots of good info on the two out there.

do yu google?

Man I’m sure you all had waaaay more fun than I did yesterday. Doing ice breakers and role playing for the Ag ambassadors. It’s ok I got to play the embarrassing parent in role playing so that was remotely funny. But other than that, 7 hours of worthless training that I have already done lol!

But it was ok since RBTA picked up the zoa pack for me! :slight_smile: They are all out now and starting to brighten up. :slight_smile:

Yeah I really wanted to go. Can’t believe I missed the back room and the talk.
That’s it I’m sending the kid back for a puppy. lOl

I have to go down to Felton and help someone with tank maintnance (long story) but after we get back I promise I’ll upload the pics to photobucket and post them.