That Fish Place

Ricky and I are planning on taking to trip up to That Fish Place tomorrow (Saturday) for their big sale. I’ve never been before, but I’ve heard good things. Anyone planning on going?

i like TFP, but i think a lot of people from the club have been saying its hit or miss with them…either they have nice stuff in, or its bare bones…ive been there 3 times, and once it was bare bones…

what were u planning on buying?

i dont really like that place to much i got a nice frag from them and it ended up having green bubble algea and aptasia pop up on it 2 days later just finally got the last big bubble out (big bubble means by the biggest emerald crab that dpa has to offer lol)

I’m not really planning on buying anything. I’m more of a browser, I like to visit a place a couple times before I buy anything. I’m hoping, because it’s a big event this weekend, they will have stocked up.

They are usually very well stocked up for this event. Unfortunately it is also very crowded and a lot of stuff gets picked over fast, so you really do need to plan on being there early.

I have heard of a bunch of people having isues with their livestock purchases from this sale.

They should have everything stocked up nice, but I would get there saturday morning at the latest, since everything usually gets picked through. As Craig mentioned, bringing in this much livestock usually means disease as well. So I would definitely QT! I won’t be going because of work this year, but don’t mind since I’ve seen their prices going up recently to the point that isn’t not worth the trip. Dry goods are still really good though and I think they are having a 75g for $75 sale this year too. Goodluck to anyone who goes, be sure to let us how it goes and what everyone gets!

I got there early today, just before the mad rush into the tent sale started. they had a lot of lighting and r/o units, and cracked acrylic sumps all over the tent , many were priced a lot higher than other years. even though they were marked, missing parts, damaged or what ever. still there were a lot of nuggets. i got some. cant resist.

there were lots of fresh water and reef lights. PC and T5. and MH’s too. there were a bunch of 40 breeder tanks from the fish room mod, with built in skimmer overflows in the center back glassl… but someone took the whole lot. I got a nice new nova extreme 36 inch dual T5 HO strip light with one broken Act bulb. no price marked so one employee said, make an offer. i said a silly low number and she said SOLD. works fine. never been used.

I bought what could be a nice used frag tank too. 30 x 18 x 13 high with two drilled 1 inch bulkheads installed. it looks water tight. will test. some bulbs and a couple nice frags. so for not having a shopping list, i spent some donaro anyway. I had a good time . the weather was great. but it wasnt too very crowed. a fair number of vendor reps there too with discounts.

Shucks, sounds like a pretty successful trip Ken, I shoulda went :frowning:

I went, I guess I missed you Ken. Ricky and I went later in the day. Going early was a good suggestion! I should have listened better. I didn’t end up buying anything, mainly because the lines were crazy long, but I was impressed by the sheer size of the place. It’s huge! I did looked at the freshwater stock and I wasn’t all that impressed with it. There wasn’t anything I would have been interested in that I couldn’t have gotten around here. I was impressed with their plant section but I don’t think I would drive all the way out there just for plants. All in all, we had fun.