The big decision - To add Corals or not.

[size=10pt][center]Many new tank owners want to have corals in their tanks, but are unsure where to start. Many corals are super easy and are super easy beginner corals. From mushroom corals and zoanthids to ricordea and candy cane corals, these will add color and are a fun way to get started with corals in your tank. There are even some corals which are non dependent on lighting. Blue Mushrooms like low light and are a fantastic option for a tank with less than pristine water.

Do you love acros, montis and chalices? If you have seen pictures of magnificient tanks with a rainbow of color in hard corals, please remember - it can take a while before your tank is ready. Keeping the water prisitine is essential in maintaining color.

We love corals and with 3 large systems dedicated to corals, we have times when we have to make room - today is that day. We have numerous corals in stock on sale for 50% of the already low prices. This sale is will end on April 4th. Please note - this sale is only for instock corals as listed on the site.

To see all of the great specials at - visit us at

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