The last of my fishtank stuff for sale..

Here is what I have left,

call or text at 302-312-1895. I dont check the forums anymore…

I am located in 19803- Wilmington, DE.

-Reef Octopus 6" Pinwheel In Sump Skimmer OCT NWB150
has the newer better quality pump.

-2x Hydor Koralia- Cant read which model it is, It is one of the middle sized units.
-Surge 3500 pump 460GPH
-Buckeye field supply Premium series RODI -Either 50 GPD or 75GPD, cant remember.Produces 0 tds rodi water. Filters are about 1 year old. Added a dual line TDS meter.Also includes a handheld tds meter.

Used 5 gallon buckets
-36" dual T-8 fixture
-2x175 halide fixture with 2 VHO atinic ballasts[/b]- The reflectors dont look very high quality. Could be used for a nice retrofit housing or something.

I will take any reasonable offer, just shoot me a text or call!