the sand i got from the meeting???

how should i add it???. should i rinse it in fw or sw. clouded the water prtty badly although i kinda expected that one.

Just take it to to the bottom and dump slowly as to not make that much if a cloud. Do not wash.

Thats what I did, clouded a little. Do it over night so you don’t notice it as much

Little bit at a time is probably better if there are animals in the tank you are adding it too. Too much and it might make it a little difficult for your fish to breath for a bit. I didn’t see the final amount you brought home, but it was a good amount. Wouldn’t be a total disaster if you rinsed it with SW, but you would probably be washing out a lof of the good stuff you want and decreasing the chances you get the diversity you want for the sand.

Just my two cents.

That’s true. I only had a little bag with a few scoops, but you took that whole bucket didn’t you?
I drained most of the water out of the bag and was able to keep most of the remaining water in the bag when I put the sand in. Looked like that water in the bag was really cloudy.

Does nature go a little at a time when they shove a hurricane over the reef?

Does nature have more than 55g of volume? lOl

Sorry, too easy. I really dont have an opinion on the subject!

i olny added about a cup full. the rest is in the bucket and will stay there until i get my 125 PBJ! PBJ! PBJ!. the mixture of caribbean and the other sand isnt that bad. woulnt the other(dynagirl) sand eventually settle to the bottom because its hevier?

your going to need to do something soon or it want be “live” sand for long and the dieoff will likely cycle your tank.

Wouldn’t be an absolute disaster if it died off. Everyone else in the club that wanted a bit of it got some and he put one bag in his tank. I would HIGHLY suggest rinsing it well with fresh water if you were planning on storing it for more then another couple of days.

125!!! That’s not fair! I want a big tank. How did you get so luck? Often times when people get a new tank they start a build thread where they start off putting out their ideas and then they post pictures of people helping them move the tank in, pictures of the rock work, the first live stock… it becomes like a log or a journal for you’re tank and all along the way people can give input. Write down some of you’re ideas and start a new thread. If you’d like that is.