There is a new Pump/Wavemaker for cheap...

There is a new Pump/Wavemaker making waves lately, it’ made by Jebo and is called a WP-40
This thing pushes a lot of water, 3400GPH controllable @ $85.00+ Shipping and is being touted as a Chinese Vortech MP-40 but it’s more like a Tunze with a Vortech wave.

Check out the videos at the bottom of the page

It’s being sold and shipped by

There is a thread over at RC
and people are putting up reviews and mods for them already.
they have already been confirmed to work with a variable 24v voltage regulator before the controller to give speed control also a PWM mod has been confirmed and work for a Apex control is being worked on.

I’ll have to try to do some research. I will say trying to read the description at fish-street makes me feel like I’m reading a spam email. Nothing seems to make sense. Google translate is only so good, they need to hire someone that can write in English. It could be a great pump but trying to read about it is just making me angry.

They look like the same cheap, POS Jebo powerheads that you can buy on Ebay for $12 but now they’re controllable. The cheap ones were loud, clanky, the magnetic mount was crap, they were always popping off the glass and in to my sandbed.

But - that was then- this is now (great book btw) may be something worth researching / trying. God knows the price is better than Ecotech.

In looking at the stuff on there 95% is 220 volt since it’s across the pond. Not much i9s gonna work over hear. Didnt see the wave maker yet but if its running there power heqads most likely gonna be 220 volt as well.

It’s DC and so the DC power supply they send runs on 110 - 220 using a standard computer power cable.
and some users are replacing the power supply that comes with it with a variable DC power supply to control the speed as it comes stock with no speed control.

I will be getting one for the 120 gal, so will bring it to the next meeting.

Maybe if someone has a big 48" cooler we could rig up a display

I think if they know the buyer is from the US, they would send a 110 rather than 220V.

makes sense. lots of US made ballasts and stuff are variable voltage. 110-240. they have a sensor and circuit to select the correct one you ar plugged into and work accordingly. it costs less on the electric bill to run 220v than 110 i believe. something to do with KWhrs on the meter opposed to amp hours used. industrial buildings often use 220 for equipment and lighting too i guess.

like most of these LED drivers. fer instance

good site for ballasts and stuff too.

Actually the KW to do a given amount of work do not change with voltage.

For example to get 1200 W or 1.2 KW of power:
At 120 volts you need 10 amps
At 208 volts you need 5.76923 amps
At 480 volts you need 2.5 amps

The lower the total amps the smaller the wire can be that carries it. The last plant I worked at had a power feed that ran at 14,200 volts, and we pulled 100 amps at that voltage. When we dropped that to 480 for half the plant that part would draw 1000+ amps.