Thinking about coming to see us???

If you have been thinking about making a trip out to see us this Saturday is the day to come!

We have all of our shipments in from Dr. Mac’s week long hand-picking trip in Indonesia. Over 1200 NEW corals in stock plus tons of other stuff. Dr. Mac says we have the best corals we have ever had in our 15 years of doing business!

Just to give you a few examples:

Over 75 Lobophyllias
Over 100 Euphyllia
90 Chalices
Over 50 varieties of Favia, crazy colors!
Hundreds of Zoanthids
Tons of Premium corals
Lots of fish and anemones in stock
Tons of clams, new Indonesian Blue Cultured Maximas, never seen before!
Over 90 Pieces of the Reef
Beautiful varieties of Gonioporas
Crazy varities of Acan echinatas
Over 150 varieties of mushrooms
Tons of Acroporas and Montiporas

Come and you will be blown away!

All I can say is… WOW verdict_in