This Sale Just Got Better!

4th of July Clearance!

We’ve been running our fantastic clearance sale all week with explosive deals as much as 60% off! And starting today, this sale has gotten even better with these additional discounts!

Starting today:

All WYSIWYG Frags page frags 50% off with discount code July50! Just enter the discount code during checkout to see your savings.

Pieces of the Reef individually marked down 25% off! GREAT deal here, these unique colonies are already a savings because of their ‘combo’ nature, and now you’re getting an extra 25% off on top of that built in discount.

Dr. Mac’s Home Grown Limited Edition Frags - individually marked down 25% off!

And all this is on top of our existing sales, which will be continuing as well!
Up to 60% off on Coral Colonies!
All remaining Maxima Clams $78.99!
Fish, Anemones, and Inverts individually marked down!

Still lots of great corals available for this sale, but the best are going fast! Runs through July 10th, don’t miss out!