Total tank breakdown sale

So I am getting out of the hobby for now and I will be selling off all my equipment. Here is a listing of what i have with prices. Everything is in good working order.

Powerheads and pumps
maxijet 1200 $10
Koralia nano 240 $10
Tunze 6015 $20
Jebao Wp 25 with controller $45
Rio plus 1400 pump $10
quiet one lifeguard 819gph pump $20

ATI 6x24w sunpower with 24" reefbrite blue LED $220
will sell reefbrite seperate for $75 if needed
PAR 38 Full spectrum LED bulb $25
18" 2x18 T5 fixture $20

reefkeeper lite controller $80
SCA301 Skimmer and pump $60
BRS Value RODI filter $100
BRS media reactor $20
Hanna Alk checker $20
Hanna Po3 checker $20

The aquarium set up is a 40g breeder drilled with a glassholes 750 gph overflow and a 20L sump on a custom built stand. Will sell this setup for $100.

I can send pictures for any requested items but didn’t want to overload the page at the moment.

Thanks for looking everyone! z<>z

I’ll take the maxijet, and tunze.

What comes with the reefkeeper? Might want that too.

The reefkeeper is the lite basic model listed here it is the controller interface, one 4 plug power bar, temp probe, and the coupler to connect your computer to it through usb.

Ok. I’ll take that too. Where are you located? Any chance you are going to the meeting on the 23rd?

sent you a PM

I’ll take the Hanna alk and phos checkers let me know when and how I can pick them up

@alemab3 sent you a PM

Thanks, Eric. It was nice meeting you. Everything was perfectly clean and in working order.

no problem at all, glad it can all be put to good use. :Welcome)

hey all,

The tank has been broken down and I am looking at trying to get rid of all my equipment as soon as I can so that I can have the space cleared that i need so I will list all the remaining items as a “make me an offer” deal so let me know what you are interested in and what you would like to pay. the worst i can say is no ::thumbsup::

Everything remains with the exception of the controller, tunze, maxijet, and hanna checkers.

Thanks for looking. ;D