Tunze 6060_A for sale

this lists for 130 dollars new-

and it also comes with the magnet mount 6080.50-

i’d like to get 80 dollars for the pair, plus any shipping if applicable

price drop and bump…50 bucks.

i’ll take it for 50. coming to the meeting on the 22?

na, i’m doing the RR frag swap on the 28th already.
…i can ship it to you though for a couple bucks.

how u want the money? paypal or what. lmk on the shipping. any paperwork on it, and even though i don’t care, how old is it? and for sure thanks. GolfC

i haven’t the faintest idea. the guy i got it from said it was a “couple years old”. it looks good and performs well. that’s the best i can tell you.
paypal is fine- dougkurceba@hotmail.com
hmm…figure 5 bucks for shipping. it can’t be much more than that.