Updated equipment pricing

120g Tank, Stand and Sump: $300

120 Gallon RR tank with two overflows and also drilled for a closed loop. Plumbing included. Custom plywood stand, with shelf on the right side and area for electronics

Custom acrylic sump 15 wide by 40 long by 16 deep. 3 compartments. Baffles 8 ½ in tall.

Light Fixture: Reefbreeders 48” V2+: $400 SOLD

Return Pump: Ecotech M2 (less than a year old): $300

Skimmer: Deltec 1000ix rated for 150-255g tanks: $300

Powerheads: 2 x MP40 (black wireless): $420 for the pair SOLD

Apex Classic with 2x EB8 modules $180, will part into Apex and 1 EB8 for $120.

Neptune ATK (auto top off unit): $125

Neptune WXM for wireless connection $60 SOLD

Neptune PM1 module with probe: $50 SOLD

Calcium Reactor: GEOS reactor with Panworld pump, Kamoer Peristaltic pump for calc reactors, Regulator, and Tank of CO2: $400 SOLD

R/O Buddie with Aquatic Life Smart Buddie booster pump: $60

AI Prime w Gooseneck: $140

Live Rock: $1.00 per pound, lots of large pieces.

Also have my old skimmer: Reef Octopus SRO 2000 for $75, Lots of extra Hanna alk checker solution,

Lots of extras including, test kids, refractometer, 30g water barrel, left over salt.

Ed, how old is the Neptune Auto top off unit? What comes with it?

Hi Mike,

It’s about 6 months old. It has the sensor and magnet, the fmm (fluid monitoring unit), and the little neptune pump.

I do have someone interested in it coming on Friday, but if they don’t take it, I’m happy to hold it for you. I feel like I should give them first crack at it at this point though.