updated grow pics

Ok here are some updated pics of some of the frags throughout the other post. Unfortunately, I lost the blue millie and strawberry short cake. LOLLOL

Enjoy! BoNg


Frag from saltcreep

Blue Tort

Superman Millie

Turaki…$15 PEA frag

One of my favorites…take notice of the base growth

Very nice pieces.

The frag from Saltcreep - is it the large vertical piece, or the horizontal piece to the right? If it’s the vertical piece, that thing totally took off!

Yes it’s the vertical coral in the mid of pic. It really did grow fast.

That’s lots of growth John. I guess we’ll have to find that blue millie somewhere else. That is the one you and I been giving back and forth?

Yes it is. It was doing great growing nicely and then just started to brown up and then it just gave up.