used 65 watt 21 inch straight pin power compact wanted

as the title states …anyone near dover got one for cheap?

How come used? Just because of $? I have both used and new. 10K and 50/50. Was planning on listing the new ones soon and the fixture I have that uses them. Not enough for the corals I want to keep in the tank they are on.

ya jon i am looking for used due to just getting light for sisters canopy i made. i had two but one but cracked. it is just temperary till we get her 24 inch t5 nova extreme fixture but she is slowly saving for it.

I may be headed down south next weekend. Let me know if you are planning on coming up north any time soon,(DPA or whatever) and I might be able to meet you. Hopefully the used ones discount from the fixture cleanly. Sometimes PC bulbs can be a pain in the butt to disconnect.

jon if i could get one used bulb that would be great. call me or leave it at fish bowl if you make it down this way thanks, glenn

let me know what ya want for it

Do you have a strong preference between 10K and 50/50? I have to look at what I am currently using and see which ones come cleanly off the fixture, but I think I should have either. Shoot me a PM one more time with your phone number incase I make it down this weekend. Don’t owe me anything for the bulb.