Used Canister Filter/Aqua clear converted HOB filter/Coralife RO/AquaticLife T5

I have a used Marineland 350 canister filter, and one converted Aqua clear 110 HOB filter used for a refugium. The HOB refugium comes with a clip on light; Tim converted the filter and sold the item to me, which I never utilized. I am asking 15$ for the fuge and/or canister filter… The Coralife RO filter has a 3 month old 80 gph membrane along with new filters contained within the unit. I would like to get 40$ for the complete filter. The 48’ T5HO Aquatic life fixture is brand new in box and has never been use; 50$ for the light and it’s yours. I will entertain lower offers on all items. Thanks.

bump…new items for sale ::thumbsup::

the 48in t5 fixture have bulbs too?

Sorry the bulbs are not included.

Did you sell the light yet? If not I will buy it.

ill take the fuge and canister filter will you be going to the next meting and can you bring them

I will bring the fuge and canister filter to the next meeting. Yes, I still have the lighting fixture for sale; if you want it, it’s yours.

the fuge and canister filter have been sold.

have yu sold everything already?

Yes,everything has been sold.