UV Sterilizer Wanted


My friend Walt is looking for a good UV Sterilizer for a FW Window tank that is turning green. I thought I would check here in the club. If anyone has one for sale, good for a 75 gallon tank, send me a Pm with an email address or phone number and I will get It to Walt to contact you. I guess something in the 8-15 watt range works?


Just did alot of research on UV’s…Found Emperor Aquatics to be one of the best…just in case he’s wondering which one to get…I picked up a 25 watt emperor “smart” Uv for my tank…
Top notch unit …HTH…

I have Coralife Turbo-Twist 3X - 9 Watt U.V. Sterilizer - Up To 125 Gallons in excellent condition in box.


He can have it for $50

Thanks guys. I’ve passed the links on . I think He is doing some research on UVs and what he might really need. Second thought was maybe an in tank submersible. but some Reviews say they are not so good. so maybe back to the external. he doesnt have a sump for the FW tank. Lets see what might work for his 75. Good price Rosti, I’m sure he will consider that. How old is the bulb?

I used it in planted discus tank when they had babies but once discovered saltwater never looked back and didn’t use it since. My guess is 3-4 mo old, it’s very clean and stored in it’s box.

Thats good Rosti. I know you take very good care of your tanks and equipment,. FW use only. Great. Perhaps its what hes looking for.