Vacation to Luray

Just thought I’d share some pictures of a different type of rock for a change.

These are from Luray Caverns in Luray Va.

WOW Very nice !!!

great pics from your spelunking trip. hey, is pic number 2 upside down? Hard to tell. its a mirror image in the pool. Cool!

You must have had a cuaving for something different.

pic 1 is a mirror… i dont think pic 2 is. REALLY hard to tell either way. its amazing how still the water is…

I fell over the edge looking at pic # 2…

[quote=“fishguy9, post:4, topic:1967”]
its amazing how still the water is…[/quote]

I walked up next to it and didn’t realize right away it was water. I thought I was looking over the edge and down in to a cavern.

Yeah, the stillness of the water is deafening down there. I used to work with a Lady engineer who was into Cwaving big time. she would go speluncking underground for days or a week at a time in all the big cave systems around the country. its cool stuff. She had a lot of cool pics like that.

Nice to see you take the kids to see lots of stuff. Makes them think about the world, environment in a different way. Nothing like American Vacations!! I went on those with my parents.

Have you seen THE THING ?

Much better than the worlds biggest ball of tin foil.

But my favorite tourist trap has always been WALL DRUG, South Dakota!

when you drive on I-90 , the closer you get to Wall Drug, the more frequent the billboards and signs telling you to see wall drug. and when you finally get to the last sign that says TURN HERE, you do. and another tourist is trapped. Wall Drug kind of has a cult following in travelers, as the chamber of commerce places SEE WALL DRUG signs all over the world. You get wumpum points for the farthest away sign you find. I found this one in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1982, just outside the train station.

A friend had a pic of one in Tokyo.

Did you see that one, Andy?

So, when are you taking the family to Wall Drug?